International Environmental Law Award

Every year CIEL’s International Environmental Law Award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the effort to achieve solutions to environmental problems through international law and institutions.

The world is confronted by serious environmental problems that require international solutions. International environmental law has emerged as a rich and distinct field of public international law that now includes important principles of customary international law and more than one thousand international instruments, supported by bilateral, regional, and global institutions. The International Environmental Law Award recognizes outstanding achievement in shaping and using this diverse and dynamic field of law to benefit people and the planet.

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The Frederick R. Anderson Award was created in 2010 to commemorate two decades of service by its namesake, the founding Chair of CIEL’s Board of Trustees. In recognition of Fred Anderson’s long commitment to the relationship between law and science, the Award honors those who have made a singular contribution to addressing climate change in a way that reflects both the demands of science and the vital necessity of law.

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