Each year CIEL publishes a report of CIEL accomplishments during the previous year. (Jump to Audited Financial Statements or IRS Form 990s)

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CIEL 2018 Impact Report


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CIEL 2017 Impact Report


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CIEL 2015-2016 Impact Report


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CIEL 2014 Annual Impact Report


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CIEL 2013 Annual Impact Report


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CIEL 2012 Annual Impact Report


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CIEL 2011 Annual Impact Report


CIEL 2010 Annual Report

CIEL 2010 Annual Impact Report


CIEL 2009 Annual Report

CIEL 2009 Annual Impact Report


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CIEL 2008 Annual Impact Report


CIEL 2007 Annual Report

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CIEL 2006 Annual Report

CIEL 2006 Annual Impact Report


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CIEL 2005 Annual Impact Report

CIEL 2004 Annual Report

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CIEL 2001- 2002 Annual Report

CIEL 2000 – 2001 Annual Report

CIEL 1996 – 1997 Annual Report

CIEL 1995 Annual Report

CIEL 1993 Annual Report

CIEL 1992 Annual Report

Audited Financial Statements

IRS Form 990s